Friday, November 14, 2008

ADAM@Karnival Naza

Dear AFCM,

Just nak inform u all,esk 15th Nov ADAM akan berada di Karnival NAZA 2008...Karnival Naza nie akan berlangsung di Naza Auto Mall,Petaling Jaya...kalau nak tau kat mana Naza Auto Mall nie,ia bersebelahan dgn Federal Highway....mesti nampak logo Naza kat sebelah highway...;)

berikut adalah jadual utk hari Sabtu:

Program Schedule Saturday - November 15 2008
All day program activities:
- Photo booth with Aston Martin DB9 & Ducati 1098
- Walking Table Games- Henna Tattoo
- Sand Art- Clowns
- “Visit & Win” NAZA Blitz contest10.00am
– Event start, Colouring contest registration
11.30am – Colouring contest for kids
12.00pm – Premium giveaway by Naza GT Queens.
12.30pm – Magic Show on stage
1.00pm – Colouring contest results
1.30pm – GTR Beauty Bike Competition
2.00pm – Live Band on stage
2.30pm – Game Show on stage
3.00pm – Harley-Davidson Parade
3.30pm – CICAKMAN appearance
4.00pm – Performance by Adam (AF)
5.00pm – Live Band on stage
Jom ramai2 pie tgk ADAM kat Naza..heheehe

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