Monday, June 14, 2010


Hello guys!
Sorry for the late post, everyone has been busy lately, including our artist - Adam.

For your information, Adam is currently busy with the final preparation for his upcoming new movie, which will be start on 20th June until end of July. This film was directed by one of popular director in Malaysia. Want to know more? Stay tune! And guess what, Adam is the main actor for this action film!

Adam is preparing for his 4th Album, which will be coming out either end of July or early August. The album will contains 6 songs and all of them are compose by our dear Adam. Please stay tune with us for more info!

Thank you very much to all members, who are really want to become one of the official AicoVX. Your application are still in progress right now. We will update more about it later on, okey?

We might be organize a new event this coming July if possible. Please looking forward and stay tune with us!

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