Adam Fan Club Malaysia or also known as AFCM was founded on 26th May 2004 and officially launched by Adam on 19th September 2004, along with his 21st birthday celebration. AFCM was declared as an official FC on 7th April 2005. The main purpose of this FC is to support our artist, Adam in various entertainment field.

The motto 'Alliance of Devoted Adam's Members' was taken from his own name, A.D.A.M. Until 2009, there are more than 20 activities that were organized by AFCM Team. While in Brunei, Adam FC - AFCB - was declared as official FC on 19th September 2007 and it was officially launched by Adam at Brunei on 12th April 2008. Red, white and black are the official colour of AFCM / AFCB.

We reunite here to not just only be supportive to our artist but also we try to conduct a good image and relationship with artist and fans. We are also had given our members an award in order to appreciate their support for all this time. Last but not least, we would like to thank to each of individu that has helped us since the fanclub was born.
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