Mohd Aizam Mat Saman, also known as Adam (born September 19, 1983) is the second runner up of the second season of Malaysia's popular reality show, Akademi Fantasia.
Adam gained the opportunity to collaborate with KRU in their KRUnisme album in a single entitled Terhangat Di Pasaran. The song became one of the hottest songs in radio stations. Plus, the duet earned him and KRU two Anugerah ERA 2005'trophies for Duo/Kumpulan Pilihan and Muzik Video Pilihan

Adam’s popularity soared when he released his self-titled debut album in 2005, putting him in the same cluster with the likes of other established artistes. With his first single entitled Tak Tahu and its highly acclaimed video clip, he continued to establish himself in the entertainment industry.

In 2007, Adam released his second studio album called Adam II, unleashing more hit singles such as Joget Lambak, Gila Bayang and Hai. Joget Lambak has won the Most Popular Songs Choice Award from HITZ 1. The album also featured a duet with fellow AF-mate Farah called Tak Tahu Antara Dua. A novel of the same title was also released.

On June 27, 2008, Adam released his third album Adam III which contains as much as ten track list, with Robot as his leading single of the album.

Adam also acts, with a leading role in Main-Main Cinta and also Cinta Fotokopi to his credit. He has also acted in the TV series Akademi. He then became the main character in KRU Publishing's first novel - Badang. Adam played Idit in 2007's movie Diva, which was a collaboration of 3 countries - Malaysia, Indonesia & India. His latest drama is Pria, and he also has appeared in Ejen 016. Now, he is currently in the middle of shooting a new drama that will appeared on 2nd March 2010, title Hotel Mania.

Besides acting, Adam also gave directing a shot. He was the director for his first telemovie, Wira Malam : Bisikan Naga where he as well held the lead role of this action packed telemovie.

Stage Name : Adam
Full Name : Mohd Aizam Bin Mat Saman
Hometown : Inanam, Sabah, Malaysia
Career : Singer, Actor, Composer, Lyricist, Director, Spokesperson
Date of Birth : 19th September 1983
Place of Birth : Queen Elizabeth Hospital, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia
Zodiac : Virgo
Race : Bajau
Religion : Islam
Weight : 67 kg
Height : 172 cm
Siblings : Eldest from six
Hobby : Singing and dancing
Fav. Foods : Spicy food
Fav. Drinks : Milk carrot juice
Fav. Artist : KRU
Fav. Actor : Yusry KRU, Faizal Hussein & Afdlin Shauki
Fav. Song : Awas (by KRU)

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